Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a fun 4th!

We had a super fun 4th! Uncle Steve and Braden joined us for the day. We ended up going tubing on the San Marcos river, having a yummy dinner at home and ending it with lighting fireworks and watching fireworks from our home.

Braden and Madeline making silly faces.

Braden relaxing on the river.

Uh oh, Stephen found a water gun.

A tube floating by us with a 4 legged friend on it.

The 3 guys making their way around the bend.

San Marcos is such a nice river!

Madeline getting Braden with the water gun.

Uncle Steve enjoying the river.

Me and my baby boy.

Perfect Facebook profile pic!

Our toothless girl.

Cheeto face!

All the greenery along the river.

Lot of people out celebrating the 4th!

Braden wanted to go a 2nd time on the river - so we went twice today! Just took the shuttle bus back to the start and hopped in the river again!

After dinner we sat out front our home. Braden and Stephen lit off some fireworks they bought earlier. And we sat and watched along with all the other fireworks in the air going off around us.

It was a fun filled day!


Justine and Fernando said...

What an awesome river! It looks like a great place to disconnect..Happy 4th!

Kelly and Nate said...

How fun! I wanna float down a river. Haven't since i lived in oregon

Armilyn and David said...

We miss the San Marcos River!

steve said...

Somehow I think Steve and Braden will buy more Roman candles next time. Shooting them at the streetlights was way to close as cars passed buy.

That was the most fun I've had in a long time. I got way too much sun though. The San Marcos river was fun but I think I would like to try the New Braunfels river with some of the small rapids next.

Andria said...

What a fun day. I would LOVE to go tubing in that looks like something Mark and I would really enjoy!