Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mississippi Wedding

Bree and I have been friends since 1998. We both started out as print staff assistants at an Architecture firm in Newport Beach, CA. We both worked our way up to the Color and Graphics department and at one time shared a double cubicle together. We became great friends! Bree is such a beautiful person inside and out. I always enjoyed hanging out with her, getting to know her circle of friends and family. So when Stephen and I got married, we asked her to be a part of our wedding party. I'm so glad we have kept in touch through the years and that I was able to attend her gorgeous lakeside wedding in Mississippi!

Here is the happy Mr. and Mrs. after they said their "I do's". The evening wedding couldn't have been more perfect. It wasn't too hot out, and the thunderstorms stayed away.

Doesn't she look absolutely stunning in her gown!? I thought she looked so gorgeous! Madeline thought she was a princess and kept wanting to give her so many hugs.

The pretty wedding cake with handmade sugar flowers.

I've heard of people having a Groom's cake. I thought this one was too cool and way manly don't you think? The wedding site was at a lakeside lodge.

James thought the "animals" all around the lodge and on the walls were really neat. He kept checking all of them out.

So I have to share the story of James going missing at the wedding. My kids love to do this and scare the heck out of us! Madeline went missing at cousin Angie's wedding in Iowa 3 years ago when she hid under the bridal party table playing hide'n'seek with her cousins - she wouldn't even come out when the DJ made an announcement that she was missing. We finally found her. Well at Bree's wedding we were outside the lodge talking to the bride and groom while the kids were running circles around us. Suddenly I noticed Madeline was next to me but James was gone! It was dark out already. We immediately called out for him and Stephen checked the pier. I prayed my worst nightmare didn't come true and that he went on the pier and fell in the lake. We all started frantically looking for him and I asked a woman to stop the band and make an announcement he went missing. The bride found him inside the lodge. Another guest inside tipped us off that he was inside the lodge and hiding under the stairwell. Why was he hiding under the stairwell - he wanted privacy while having a bowel movement!

I love this picture of Stephen and Madeline. Boy were they dancing machines that evening.

Bree and Ryan cutting the groom's cake. They did get a little cake on each other's faces.

Here I am with one of Bree's best friend's Melissa. After Bree left the Architecture firm I stayed in touch with her and her friends. Melissa only worked down the road so often we would meet for lunch. Bree and Melissa also played on our coed softball team the Spring of 2003. She's so sweet, we've kept in touch through the years sending Christmas cards and she often sent me a birthday card. She's married now with a daughter who also goes by Maddy (Maddie).
Overall it was a fantastic wedding. We had a lot of fun. And it was great to see everyone. I took a lot more pictures which you can view here.

And here's a flashback pic of Melissa and Bree coming to visit us just days after we brought Madeline home from the hospital Christmas 2003.

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Justine and Fernando said...

SCARY!! About having a feeling your babies gone missing. Funny James! That grooms cake is AWESOME!! Looks like you had a blast!