Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mighty Mississippi

Well our 8-9 hour drive to Mississippi turned out to be 11.5 hours due to thunderstorms, accidents (other motorists) and traffic. But we made it safe and sound. Above the kids are checking out the Mighty Mississippi view right outside our hotel.

In front of the welcome sign.

We're staying in the town of Vicksburg, near by where my friend Bree is getting married. We drove around old downtown, it has a lot of character but it seemed pretty abandoned. Not a lot of people around.

Today we checked out the Coca-Cola museum where the first bottle was filled and capped. They had an old fashioned soda fountain bar. And the kids got some ice cream before we headed over to the city's children's art park and splash fountains. I'll have to upload those pics later.

So far we're having a fun trip! We ate at a local Mexican restaurant which fared out much better than the one we ate at in Iowa. :) And now we're getting ready for the wedding! More pics to come...

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steve said...

Those pics looked great. That's the same river Mark Twain (Huckelberry Finn and other characters) played on. How fun.

Thanks for the great B-B-Que ribs when we went to the San Marcos river with you and your family. We had so much fun. Uncle Steve