Thursday, July 1, 2010

eGo Archive Photos - 4th of July Edition

The 4th of July is probably Stephen's favorite holiday. Before we had the kids (and after too when we were in town) we had a tradition of spending it downtown in Huntington Beach. We had friends who lived right on Main Street and we were privileged enough to join their party every year and watch the parade. It was always so much fun seeing old friends there. So I decided to look at all of my July pictures on my portable eGo and post one from each year.
July 2004
Madeline's 1st 4th of July, in front of our friend's home on Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach. Our last 4th of July before we moved from California.
July 2005
Madeline watching the parade go by in downtown Central Point near our home in Medford, Oregon.
July 2006
Visiting California, Madeline and her friend Delaney being pulled in a wagon down Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach.

July 2007
James' 1st 4th of July spent at home in Kyle, Texas. With our cousins from Hawaii visiting.

July 2008
Back in California again! James with his buddy Isaac down in Huntington Beach at a bonfire.

July 2009
Penny's 1st 4th of July. We took the kids and Penny down to the beach in Port Aransas, Texas. We would've gone there again this year but already had a July trip planned and plus Tropical Storm / Hurricane Alex is not making the Texas coast a place to be for the 4th of July.
Earlier this year I made a free photo calendar on Shutterfly. And for each month I put a quote. For this July 2010 the quote is:
"The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree."
by Thomas Campbell
As Americans we all have much to be thankful for. Living free lives. Free to choose what we want to be. Free to choose where we want to live. Free to choose what we believe and have Faith in.


Mickie and Matt said...

Man those kids of yours are DAAAARRRRRLING! I mean seriously both the CUTEST little toddlers in those pictures :)

Hope you guys have a GREAT 4th!

The Kilian Family Four said...
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The Kilian Family Four said...

Those kids are so adorable.
Happy 4th! Hope you guys have a great one this year too!