Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well Check-up

This is comical. When my kids were babies and before I had this blog I was pretty good about posting about their well check-ups on their babiesonline websites. Making sure to email the family so they could read about how much they've grown and the new things they were doing. And today I caught myself asking Stephen, who took the kids and Penny to the vet yesterday, how much Penny weighed and wanted to know all the details of the office visit so I could blog about Penny Lane's well check-up! Yes she's a dog...but in some strange way (and all you animal lovers and owners will understand) she's become part of our family.
But of course I didn't get as much info about the office visit as I had hoped I would be able to share. Stephen said they didn't even weigh her, which is strange because usually they do. But I'm pretty sure she's between 40-50lbs. now and has probably reached her adult size. Doc said she looked great! And she took all of her shots very well, no crying (Madeline made sure to tell me this). But the kids were a little concerned as Penny bled a little after her shots.
New things Penny is doing...nothing really new. She still loves to play fetch with a ball. She loves to wrestle and box (she's half Boxer ya know) on the floor with Stephen. She loves to nap. She loves to be around the kids and know what they are doing. I can't believe we've had her a year and a half now! She's a great pup and the kids just love her!

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