Thursday, February 11, 2010

We've Got A Guard Dog!

While I was doing my afternoon cleaning today I noticed outside our front window a broken down car parked right in front of our house. We're the first home on the corner when you enter our neighborhood so they must have just pulled off the country road and made it right up to our house. It was raining out and I noticed another car came and they both had their hoods open and were trying to fix the car. I felt bad because they were obviously getting all wet. Well they continued to sit in front of our home for over an hour. The one car that came to help, left and came back again. I continued on with my cleaning and turned our front porch light on as it was getting dark. All of a sudden Penny Lane starts barking, really loud. And she hustles to our window and perches up (improvising for her short stature). Then she starts growling and barking like crazy. You have to understand, Penny has never really come across as a guard dog or protective. But she obviously had it in her! Suddenly I get a knock at the door. It was the young girl and her friend. I opened the door with Penny by my side and asked if they were okay. They were both dripping wet. The girl explained that her car broke down and they can't seem to fix it, she was wondering if she could leave it parked out front for a day and a half until her dad could come get it on Saturday morning. She had desperation in her voice. I told her sure it was no problem. What took place made me realize 2 things. One, how grateful I am of Stephen's Hertz job, how we don't have to worry about car maintenance and if we every get stuck we have road side rescue. And two, we've got a guard dog!

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Mickie and Matt said...

When your car breaks down that is the PITS! Too bad they couldnt get it fixed right away... it is VERY nice for you not to have to worry about all that car stuff. Bleck i hate it.

That penny lane is one good pup!