Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Successes Thursday

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that. To participate, just write up a list of 3 of your recent Small Successes and post it on your blog along with the Small Successes button.

Gosh it certainly has not felt like a week that many small successes could be accomplished. Madeline came home from school Monday sick and has stayed home the past 3 days. But to brighten this dim week Madeline's teacher emailed this morning with this photo, made me smile and so thankful for her awesome teacher, and it made Madeline feel so special.

So onto my was difficult coming up with 3 things but here goes...

  1. I made time to help do some work for my brother and sister in-law's new business, SON PR. They needed some graphic and logo work for a new client so I've been trying to get the creative juices flowing and come up with some comps. Hopefully their client likes one of them!
  2. I took many moments this week to just stop and laugh with my children. Here they are cracking me up with their "old man" make shift beards and their walking canes. Yes that is a real cane Madeline has - she wanted to buy one at the store but Stephen says they have a few in their lost and found at work...don't know how those people walked from their rental car to the plane inside the airport...but Madeline inherited someones old cane.
  3. Lastly I sold 2 large items on Craigslist to remove the clutter from our back patio! Still need to remove clutter from our closest and donate some old clothes.

Thought I'd add 3 more photos to this post. It snowed here in Austin Texas this week! First time in several years here in the city. Madeline was home sick so the kids didn't go out and play in it.

Our first snow in our new home.

In between when the snow flurries were falling the birds still came to visit our birdfeeder on our back patio. It may have snowed for a day, but Spring is upon us here in central Texas.

I caught this picture perfect moment today. I didn't see Penny in our backyard anywhere, then I looked out our dining room window and saw her lying here along our sideyard fence soaking up the sun and taking a nap in the 60+ degree temps outside.

And here's a video Stephen took of the snow falling...


ViolinMama said...

I love ALL the pics!! So awesome.

The doggie pic is great. The colors are great!

Great week - what a great list!

nathan said...

Quick grab the sled! Just kidding. I loved the snow when we got it in Texas! Now, well, I still love it, but it's nice to have 60 degree weather too. Hope Madeline is better soon. What an awesome teacher.