Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 1 Day 1

Well I finaaaaaallllyyyyy stopped procrastinating and started my 30 day jump start. This actually wasn't a New Year's resolution - but something I've wanted to do that has taken a long time coming to get motivated. :) So I bought this DVD back in December. Along with a set of 3lb. hand weights. I finally popped it in the DVD player tonight and did my Week 1 Day 1 workout in the loft while the kids played in their bubble bath. Boy am I out of shape! LOL I really liked the workout though, and seeing average to bigger size people on the screen helps motivate me that if they can do this I can too! I like the DVD options and how there is daily workouts for 4 weeks. I plan on doing this every evening while the kids are bathing. Seriously if I cannot devote this little time for myself everyday to better my health and weight then that's pathetic! So I am going to periodically post updates about my 30 day jump start to hold myself accountable.

My other motivation is this dress hanging in my closet that I see every morning. My best friend is getting married in 5 months and this is my bridesmaid dress (isn't it cute? and the color is so pretty!). I really frowned on the dress size I had to order. When we moved here to TX in 2007 I probably lost a total of 20lbs that first year here (I owe that to breastfeeding and chasing not one but two kids). I was feeling pretty good. And fitting into some clothes that I hadn't worn in years. But this past year I think I've gained most of that back and I'm blaming it on going back to work part time, having a desk job, and being tired and unmotivated after work. Seriously sitting on your bum in front of a computer and partaking in freshly made Krispy Kreme doughnuts while chit chatting with coworkers does no good for your health.

But another great tool I have to help me loose weight and get healthy is our new Samsung blu-ray player. It's wireless and has instant streaming to Blockbuster, Pandora, You Tube and Netflix sites instantly downloading from those sites. My parents got us this player along with 3 months of now I have access to hundreds of Fitness videos! Very cool.


Kelly and Nate said...

Good for you! If I didn't make time for exercise I would feel horrible in so many ways. Good luck. Look forward to hearing about your progress.

Chad and Crystal said...

I am doing the biggest loser Wii game...I have a short-term goal of losing 20lbs by March! We can do it together! Devoting time for yourself is, I think, the hardest but the most important!

Suzi said...

Good luck! You will do great! I need to look into that DVD, sounds like something I would like. :)

Mickie and Matt said...

Goooooo Melissa! yay! You can do it! Biggest Loser are fun DVD's too, I did a few of them while I was pregnant (the Yoga ones) and they were so great. Wish we lived closer, I would be there everynight doing them with you, it's always more fun to exercise WITH someone. You can do it! I am excited to hear of your progress and yep that dress is so cute and I am sure you will look GREAT in it!