Friday, December 11, 2009

Madeline's 1st School Fieldtrip

Madeline has been waiting for this day to come for a few weeks now - her class went on their first field trip! All 5 kindergarten classes at her school took buses to the The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum: IMAX Theatre. Mrs. Moore asked me to be their class chaperon, and 3 other moms volunteered as well. We left the school at 8:45am.

When we arrived it was quite busy with all the school kids visiting the museum so Mrs. Moore decided to break us up in groups. I had these 3 really well behaved girls - Tila, Madeline and Bella. I took them to see all the exhibits on the 3 floors of the museum.

Here the girls are waiting for the rest of the class playing "Bubble gum...bubble gum, in a dish...How many pieces do you wish?".

Some more of their classmates wanted to join in.

Madeline with some of her classmates.

I think it was harder for the boys to sit still than most of the girls.

Madeline's class aka Mrs. Moore's Monkeys!

Can you tell these are Texas students? Hook 'em Horns! :)

After walking around the museum exhibits we headed across the street to the State Building to have some lunch on their picnic was a chilly 41 degrees outside - needless to say we ate our lunches as fast as we could! Mrs. Moore took this photo of Madeline and I and emailed it to us.

After lunch we headed back to the museum to watch the IMAX movie "Under the Sea 3D". Here's some pics of the kids I was sitting with.

Some of the girls got scared and started clinging to me when the sea snakes and sharks came close to them in 3D!

I thought the movie was fascinating! And so cool to see it in 3D. It was filmed off the coasts of New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia.

And here is Madeline's class for one final photo opt before we got back on the buses a little after 1pm. It was a very enjoyable field trip!


Kelly and Nate said...

Oh good, you guys got to go! Looks like it was fun.

Mickie and Matt said...

It's times like this when I wish that blogs were around when I was Madelines age. It will be SO FUN for her in 20 years to look back at that post and remember everyone and the special field trip with her mom. Well documented, looks like you had a ton of fun being the COOL mom :)

Justine and Fernando said...

FUN! The kids are awesome. Any cute boys in her class? ;-) I especially like the pic of you and Madelaine in your 3D glasses!