Friday, December 18, 2009

Cupcakes for Madeline's Class

Today was the last school day before a 2 week winter break. Madeline's class was having a Christmas party so I asked Mrs. Moore if we could bring cupcakes to celebrate Madeline's birthday. She said "sure of course!". So James, Stephen and I came to Madeline's class earlier this afternoon to bring the cupcakes and help with the party.

The first half of the party Mrs. Moore had each table set up with a craft. We helped the kids work on them.

The kids decorating their poinsetta pictures with tissue paper. (Notice Jimmy-James in the background checking out the classroom? He found a bucket of toy dinosaurs and frogs to play with!).

I helped staple the kids reindeer hats while Stephen took pictures of the class.

Madeline working at the Cookie Decorating table. (she still has her coat on from when she went out for recess).

At this table they made surprise Christmas gifts for their families.
Mrs. Moore had the class sing a special birthday song for Madeline. Be sure to pause my Christmas music player at the top right of my blog so you can hear this video. It's cute.
James sitting next to his sissy's school desk seat eating their cupcakes.
Madeline after her class sang her the birthday song.

Madeline's classmate Alexa being silly with her hat.

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