Monday, December 14, 2009

Best & Perfect

So I received a phone call from Madeline this afternoon when she got home from school. She was so excited because Mr. Lee (her ..line - bus driver) gave her a certificate for a free Whataburger for being a "student with excellent behavior". Stephen was in front of the house when the bus pulled up. Normally Madeline just promptly gets off the bus but he noticed Mr. Lee stopped her and was talking to her. So Stephen walked up closer and saw him quietly talking to Madeline and handing her something. Then he gave Stephen the thumbs up and yelled "She's the best bus rider!" :). Wow, props from Mr. Lee about being the best bus rider, and comments from Mrs. Moore on her report card saying she's the PERFECT kindergarten student....I'm baffled and wondering...where is this excellent behaved and perfect little girl Madeline at home!? Ha ha.

Seriously I was just telling Stephen the other day how I've grown exhausted from the kids misbehaving when they are together. James is an angel in the mornings while Madeline is at school, and obviously Madeline is an angel on the bus and at school - but when the 2 are together they fight, disobey and misbehave! Maybe it's a sibling thing? I don't recall fighting that much with Tason when I was that age, I better ask my mom. So after Madeline received that from Mr. Lee today Stephen asked her, "why can't you save some of that good behavior for at home!?". I asked something similar the other day and Madeline's response, "Sigh...Mom it's because you don't have a color or sticker chart at home." Something tells me even having one of those like Mrs. Moore won't get me excellent behavior at home. Hhhhmmm....maybe Stephen and I should just dress up as Mr. Lee and Mrs. Moore. :)

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Mickie and Matt said...

First of all, 64 degree right now! THAT IS IT! Texas here we come, I am sold! I am sick of a high of 35 degrees or whatever. Haha

Second that is so funt hat she got a gift certificate! How COOL! Our bus driver NEVER did anything like that!

Sorry about the arguing, wish I had some words of wisdom, but I have nothing... hmm...