Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Las Vegas - Days 4 & 5

We just got back from Vegas, it was a lot of fun...and hot! I think it averaged about 115. But we stayed inside the casinos most of the time. We stayed at South Point, a newer hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. just south from the strip. We had a really nice room. And the hotel had a fantastic buffet, we ate breakfast there both mornings. It also had a bowling alley and a movie theater. Stephen and I saw "The Happening" last night, it was okay. We did some gambling, won some (I won $25 on roulette but lost it later)...but we ultimately lost about $100. Luckily some of the money we gambled happened to be around $40 we received from exchanging some English pounds we had found from our trip to Europe back in 99! Expensive entertainment I guess! O'well, Stephen enjoyed the free cocktails and even stayed up until 6am the first night playing at the Blackjack tables.

It was great to see my family. We ate dinner both nights with Tante Eef and Oom Sam. The first night at Planet Hollywood and the 2nd night at Silverton. Madeline really took to them and we had a lot of fun. We got to visit with Tante Pop. I still can't believe she's 100 years old!

Tante Pop happy to get a drawing Madeline made for her.

James showing Tante Pop the puppy dog.

Eating our HUGE sundae dessert at Planet Hollywood!

Swimming at our pool at the hotel, James really liked the water.

Madeline and Stephen cruising around the pool.

Boy was it hot outside, we all get pretty tan from that swim!

Tante Eef, Madeline (striking a pose) and Oom Sam at Planet Hollywood.

Madeline (striking a pose, again) and Oma at Caesar's.

James throwing pennies in the fountains at Caesar's.

The kids in front of the aquarium at the Mirage.

Eating at a really yummy Mexican restaurant at Silverton.

James goofing around in our hotel room. :-)

Saying our goodbyes to Tante Pop!

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Windy said...

How fun! what a blast you guys had! The pool is the ONLY way to beat the heat.