Thursday, June 19, 2008

Small Vent for Stephen

So yesterday Stephen was scheduled to close which generally means he works from 5pm to anywhere between 1-3am depending on when the last flight arrives with customers. He wasn't looking forward to closing last night and then having to be back at work for a 10am shift today, crazy that his supervisor made the schedule that way. I guess because another manager is gone on vacation getting married so the schedule is a little screwy.

Anyhow when I called him at midnight last night to say goodnight and check to see when he'd be off he said there was a flight coming in at 3am with two customers. One was a gold member so he could leave his contract and keys in the car, but the other was a regular customer who needed to be checked in. Note that no other car rental companies at Austin's airport stay open later than 1am except for Hertz. Rule of thumb is if the customer provides flight info in their reservation Stephen is obligated to wait. But he was so tempted to leave at 1am since he had to be back at 10am and just have the customer on that 3am flight wait until Hertz opens again at 5am. BUT since Stephen is working hard at earning that promotion, he knew he better just wait it out. So he did.

The guy finally arrives, he's a man from Israel who works for IBM. The man says he just came from a late flight and has a reservation. Stephen says, "Oh yes, Mr. So-and-So I stayed open late just for you (hoping to hear a thank you from the man which he never said)." He checks him in and gives him the keys to his car already assigned. The man says, "it has GPS right?". Well no it doesn't, you didn't reserve that. The man starts arguing that he needs GPS as he's never been to Austin before, can't he get another car. Stephen didn't have any available and told the man he could provide him with a map and they also have a computer kiosk he can print directions from. The man said NEVER MIND he did not want the car rental then!!! Can you believe it??? Stephen does the right thing by staying and waiting, and this is the result. I'll end this post the same way I ended my previous vent post...Such is life. (BIG sigh)

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