Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance Recital Photos - Videos to come!

Madeline did GREAT at her recital! Here are some photos, will post the videos later once I upload them.

Waiting side stage to perform their ballet routine "Wish".

Not nervous yet...

Dressed in Red for her tap routine "Bop to the Top!"

Posing for mommy...

Madeline's class!

The stage at the Texas State University they performed on.

After the big show, getting flowers from Mia and a hug too! (Jimmena, Abraham and Ben came to watch too!)

Our little ballerina!

With Oma (blurry shot from Oma's camera, didn't get a good angle from our camera)

Outside, heading to dinner!

At home with all her flowers and awards!

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Windy said...

She looks so tiny compared to the other girls! She did great for her age.