Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 13...San Marcos River

So today was the first day off Stephen had after working 12 straight days (10-12 hour shifts). Thank you everyone who has been praying for him on this promotion at work and checking in for updates. His boss has had several meetings with him, complimenting him on his efforts and hard work, implying that he's really been proving himself...and he even just gave Stephen the new duty of taking over the CSR (Counter Service Rep) Dept. This is a good sign as ultimately the Level 2 Manager position Stephen is gunning for oversees this dept. He thinks this is the last straw his boss needs to see if he can handle this. Stephen's very confident, focused and dedicated right now. He has a really good feeling that he could get this promotion. Although last night he got wind from a visiting San Antonio manager that his brother who is a Level 2 in Louisiana was approached about this position in Austin (we think by Stephen's boss' boss). That was a downer to hear, as this guy has more experience than Stephen. But Stephen's boss did say that he was looking to fill this position from within the location and it would be between Stephen and 2 other level 1 managers. So keep PRAYING. Pray for God to continue giving Stephen the endurance he needs to get through this proving time. Pray that God helps Stephen say the right things to his boss (he has a meeting with him tomorrow, go figure on his day off).

So late this afternoon we decided to venture out and check out the San Marcos River (about 15 minutes South from our house). After all it was 4 in the afternoon and in the 90's outside! We found a great recreational park right on the river. It was so much fun! About a mile up from where we were there's a Tube Rental place that you can get tubes at, float down river for 1-1.5 hours, and then be bused back to your car all for $7! We want to try it next time we have visitors...who wants to go!?

James checking out the rocks in the park.

Daddy and Maddy swimming in the river!

They had small cascading waterfalls here where people in tubes and kayaks went down, even swimmers!

My beautiful Ohana. :-) (P.S. Stephen made me promise to crop his pepperoni nipple out of this picture LOL!)

Madeline dipping her toes!

Back in the water again...isn't my husband absolutely gorgeous!?

Me and my boy...a stranger offered to take the photo.

James loves being thrown up in the air (notice the tubers in the water passing by).

After the river we got an appetizer at SaltGrass. Kids on top the Ford Edge (Stephen's been bringing this car home a lot, I really like it - sorry I didn't get a better shot of the car).

And if I didn't already post enough photos on this post...I just got my haircut again!

Here's the before (excuse how awful I look with no makeup and desperately needing my eyebrows waxed!)

And this is after! :-) Got about 3 inches cut off the back with an a-line cut to the front with longer layers. How does it look?


n&k spence said...

Looks like fun at the river. I like your hair cut. I am doing one similar to it today. Shorter though, chin length and maybe some long bangs.

andria said...

The river looks great, and what nice weather you are having! It's cold and overcast here, I can't wait for summer and the hot hot temps, my favorite part of the year. Also, like your haircut!

Jordan & Michaela Spence said...

One day when Jordan and I make it down there to visit you guys, we should totally do the river thing! It looks like fun! And your hair cut looks great! Isn't it always so exciting to do something different with your hair! I love it!

Windy said...

This looks like a stinkin blast. Inner tubing is one of my favorite things to do!

steve said...

It's not the hair that makes you gorgeous. It's you. The rest is all frosting. I do miss the river.