Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barton Springs & Stubb's

Dad checking out the pool!
Today we took Stephen's parents, Becky and Becca to Barton Springs pool. The water was quite cool. Stephen, Dad, Madeline and Mia were the only ones to get in and swim.

Madeline is beginning to love the water and swimming!

Becca and I only dipping our toes in!

Stephen with the girls, Mia and Madeline.

It was a fun time. Afterwards we took them to a famous Texas BBQ, Stubb's. We ate yummy ribs and pulled pork sandwiches - then we came home to veg! Tomorrow we're taking them down to San Antonio!

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Spence Family said...

Oh man just looking at that nice water and thinking of Texas BBQ made me want to leave work right now and come on down! Such cute pictures! YOu guys look great!