Monday, April 14, 2008


A lot has gone on over the past week, so I thought I'd cover it all in a blog post. Last Tuesday at Stephen's work the "poop hit the fan" so to speak. LOL Corporate was there with some investigators. The way management is staffed at Stephen's location is the General Manager, two Level 2 managers, and five Level 1 managers (Stephen is in this category and 3rd in line for seniority). Well Corporate came and fired both the Level 2 managers! I guess both were involved in fraudulent acts concerning their "customer surveys" which has strict policies concerning employees getting involved because these surveys do affect the manager's bonuses. Crazy huh? A few of the other Level 1 managers were called in and questioned, but Stephen wasn't. For the time being the Level 1 manager with the highest seniority, Miguel, is taking over the duties of the guys that left. Stephen was talking with his GM, and he said Miguel will officially take over one of the positions. Stephen asked about the other position. His GM said he would like to fill that position from within. So he is going to monitor all the Level 1 managers for a couple months to see who the best fit would be. This could be a window of opportunity for Stephen to move up the ladder! He does have his seniority going for him, even though there is 1 other manager above him that guy is on probation and was almost fired last month. Stephen said to his GM, "so basically this is the home run derby, and a time to shine?". His GM smiled. So I'm asking everyone to please keep Stephen in your prayers. Ask God to give him the strength and endurance to work above and beyond his regular duties right now, so he can prove to his GM he is quite capable of this position.

Stephen's oldest bro, Mike, visited us in Austin this weekend. We had a great time with him, lots of laughter and clowning around! He said he didn't realize how big Austin was. Although it's still definitely small compared to Dallas or Houston.

We took him by Lake Travis in West Austin. He loved the lake! It is a beautiful lake. We told him next time we'll have to rent a boat and go out tubing and stuff.

We've been having gorgeous weather, high 70's, sunny with clear skies. It's a great time of year here in Austin.

Madeline was really smitten with her Godfather. She was giggling the whole time with him! I think even at one restaurant they were laughing and giggling so much, they made the table next to us with two dud guys get up and switch tables. Who would've thought laughter scares away people!?

Oh and want to hear one ridiculous story that occured this weekend? Stephen and Mike were driving home and just before our exit a cop pulled them over for speeding. Stephen's ticket...for going 66mph in a 65mph speed zone!!! Can you believe that?


Windy said...

So happy to hear about the potential opportunity for Steve! Hope all goes well & keep us posted. We loved the visit and wished we could have visited more. Also - Ryan might want to come and check out Austin, he thinks it looks like a cool place to go.

steve said...

I am so jealous of y'all. I miss Texas so much. Austin is as pretty as I remember it. The Lake is gorgeous also. I will keep Steve in my prayers for the promotion.Love ya,