Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring is here...

"Spring is here, Spring is here, It's the best time of the year!" I have this song stuck in my head from one of the kid's cartoons. LOL

So during the winter, my hibiscus tree that sits outside our front door became very bare. Stephen was sure I killed it. But I was confident it would bloom once again this Spring. I of course was right! (See photos below :-)

Such beauty!

The kids admiring the new blooms!

Stephen fertilizing the dead spots in our grass due to the sloped area. (Stephen's now back to mowing the grass every week.)

James checking things out!

"I can almost reach it!"


Steve (the one you claim was wrong) said...

Ya but it will probably die again in a week. :-)

Spence Family said...

Melissa that flower is BEAUTIFUL! I want that on my front porch! It is snowing here yet again. LAME! At least you can enjoy it for a week then Steve...

Windy said...

Don't the bare spots annoy you. I feel like no matter what you do the grass just dies! I love the Hibiscus pic. It looks gorgeous!

n&k spence said...

I love hibiscus flowers, I haven't seen many that are that color. Wish spring would come to Idaho. Flowers aren't blooming around here yet.