Sunday, March 9, 2008

Taking Calls

Many have been inquiring how my job with West is I thought I'd give an update post. I really love the flexibility of this job. Although I would have to say people looking for full at home work wouldn't be getting the hours they want. Right now there's only a few shifts available, I'm usually scheduling myself about 2 hours a week. And then I check on certain days that I have down time if another agent is needing a shift picked up, and I'll work an extra half hour or hour.
I'm definitely comfortable on the phone now when talking to customers. I talk to people from all over the U.S. Today I took a call from a New Yorker with a pretty heavy accent! :-)
So the extra pocket money I've been making has been nice. I hope to be able to schedule more hours for myself in future months (I guess when business picks up). I'm also providing part time childcare for our neighbor's daughter now, so the income from that has been helpful as well.
Above is a photo of me during a shift taking calls. I've actually come accustomed to my phone headset and I even find myself using it while talking to family and friends, keeps my hands free to multi task while talking - moms always find a way to multi task! Stephen just laughs at me every time he sees me talking with them!

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Windy said...

How cute you look! Glad your making a few extra bucks - it always helps!