Friday, March 7, 2008

Politics really stink...

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First off let me just say I did not write this blog post to try and sway anyone on their political stance or the way they will was simply written to voice my frustrations and to ask, have politics always been dirty?

My friend Windy wrote a beautiful post on her blog yesterday about being thankful for the country we live in. Especially for the freedoms we have being Americans. And I couldn't agree with her more. She also posts these fun polls on her blog every week, this one asking who we will be voting for.

And to be honest, I'm still not 100% sure. Stephen and I lean more towards Democrats, but it's really up in the air who we will vote for in this election. We definitely need to research further on the different stances that are important to us, and then see which candidate best matches most of those.

I've spoken with some family and friends whose most important stance is abortion, and that determines which direction they will vote. I have nothing but respect for them if that's how they choose to vote. And I get it, I totally can a leader who won't even fight for the unborn, fight for those in need that are alive?

What baffles me is all the candidates say they are of a Christian faith (Obama, McCain, Clinton), so why aren't they all Pro-Life? I'm really beginning to speculate the truths in their stances, such as this one and really if they just mark "Pro-Life" or "Pro-Choice" on their campaign for an underlying motive to get the most votes?

Stories like the one I read today really affirm my speculations. It was titled, "McCain rejects anti-Catholic views". And believe me, just because I am Catholic and sway towards Democrats isn't the reason I bring this article up, hear me out. For those of you that haven't read the article it is about John McCain who on Friday repudiated any views of a prominent televangelist who endorsed him last month. Now McCain isn't the only candidate to retract his embrace for an endorser on his campaign, Obama did so too. But I just find it quite weird that these candidates are first approving these endorsers but then rejecting them...honest mistake or part of their campaign scheme???

My thoughts are that these candidates are doing this on purpose. For example with the story on McCain...I am thankful he rejected and repudiated any anti-Catholic statements made by his endorser, as he would look like a big hypocrite to me if he didn't especially since he sent 2 of his children to Catholic school. But why would McCain whose enjoyed strong support from Catholics (who make up about a quarter of the electorate) and who won far more of the Catholic vote, 47 percent, than any of his Republican rivals thus far have an endorser who has referred to the Roman Catholic Church as "the great whore" and also has linked Adolf Hitler to the Catholic church, suggesting it helped shape his anti-Semitism - possibly jeopardize his votes from Catholics??? The article suggests Hagee's endorsement had been intended to shore up McCain's support among evangelical or born-again Christians, many of whom distrust McCain for some of his more moderate views and his willingness to work with Democrats. So is he rejecting it now to gain back the trust of his Catholic supporters???

This all seems very sad and honestly leaves me feeling sick. I'm not writing this to bash McCain, who knows he still may get my vote. I just feel like it's difficult for me personally to trust any of the candidates - it seems as if all have a hidden agenda.

It's my understanding that if a President that is Pro-Life is elected, he won't be able to outlaw abortion right away but he can contribute by adding another Pro-Life judge to the supreme court. Which would be a good step forward. I guess it could take years before a law was made against abortions. So for me personally I'm not sure if my vote this election should go in supporting that outcome, or if my vote should be for a candidate who supports other positions that substantially further a vision of the common good. For example ending the war, that could possibly save lives in the present day (note: almost 4000 casualties in the war and almost 30,000 wounded). Maybe it's better for me personally to start small with my fight against legal abortions, small meaning right here in my community and my state. Don't states differ on the execution law for criminals? These are all just my random thoughts...

I guess I will have to agree with the statement, "It will be like voting for the lesser of 2 evils." I find that so sad, so sad that our politics have become untrustworthy in certain aspects. I love this country, the fact that we the people have a say in who leads our democracy and that we're fortunate not to be ruled by a dictator. I pray whomever wins the election surprises this nation with the decisions he/or she will make in order to better our country as a whole and unite us.

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