Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Trip to Cali...

We had a wonderful time in California. Visited with many loved ones, but sadly did not have enough time to see everyone. Here are a few photos from the trip...
We ate breakfast with Mom and Dad on Main St. in HB and then walked on the pier!
Madeline hanging out with Omi!

Robyn cooked us a yummy lasagna dinner!

We ate pizza over at the Fanoga' you can see the guys were drinking beers...even the little guys. J/K

We met Elizabeth Frey for the first time. She's such a beauty and Madeline adored her!

The 3 princesses!
Miki and Elizabeth.
Having a burger at In'n'Out with David, Alex, Maureen, Nathan and Kiara.
Cool dudes!

Blowing bubles with Oma in the backyard.


Windy said...

looks like you guys had a blast. It was good to see you!

n&k spence said...

Fun! Is James trying beer? That is funny. What did he think of it?

Spence Family said...

Ahh that warm California weather looks so nice! Good to see you had a fun trip :)