Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our trip begins at the airport...

We were so amazed at how smoothly our trip was starting out. With now having the free car rental through Hertz we just pulled right up to the car rental return lane, unloaded the kids and our luggage and headed to the counter to check in. The flight had so many open seats, we were assigned our seats right at check in even though we were flying standby. The ticket agent was so sweet. She even allowed our overweight luggage to go on with no extra charge. While going through security check, the agents were real nice telling us to take our time with the kids and they even helped setup James' stroller after going through. Really everything was so smooth! Until we arrive at the gate and find out that the flight is delayed to depart 2 hours late because we were waiting on the piolit and crew. Sigh. Too good to be true right! Well the kids were well behaved. Kept busy during the wait (see below video) and fell asleep on the plane ride (see other video below).

Madeline watching a DVD on the plane and putting on lip gloss.

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