Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Add Music to your Blog!

Hey there fellow bloggers! I've been researching and researching trying to figure out how to add music to my blog - I finally figured out an easy route...so I thought I'd share incase any of you want to add music to your blogs!

Register for a free account with http://www.playlist.com/! And start adding music. You can add 100 songs to one playlist. After you're done, get the html code (it will ask you if you want it to autostart) and place the code in your layout. I placed mine at the bottom header of my layout since the skin of the playlist is quite wide. Just add an element, select html, insert code and save!

It's so cool. I was able to add all of my favorite artists, including song tracks from my favorite American Idol contestants. I also posted this playlist on my "my space account".

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Windy said...

I want to put little Archuleta on my blog - I am going to totally steal your idea! I thought this was the first time he sung this song but there's actually youtube of him from about 4 years ago singing the same version. That's why it's so well-perfected. He's an excellent singer but I do believe he practices alot the songs he does to make them sound perfect. That sort of explains Tues. Thanks for sharing. Also LOVE Jack Johnson .