Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bublé Concert Video and Pics!

Stephen and I have liked Michael Bublé since his music came out on a movie soundtrack years ago. So I was super excited when I heard he was coming to Austin. Stephen and I bought the tickets for eachother as our Christmas gifts. They were $90 a seat and WELL worth the money!!!

First off let me say that he sounds SO good live. There are some singers I guess who have good recording voices, but don't sound as well live - that was not the case with Bublé.

His opening act was a group from NY called "Naturally 7" These guys were pretty amazing. All the music that would normally come from instruments, they imitated with the sounds from their voices. We later found out the Bublé was sitting in the front row watching them with us, disguised in a baseball cap.

Michael Bublé opened with 2 songs. His stage was really neat. His band set up on a slanted surface. Bublé would slide down the slanted stage, and do his "Elvis moves" all over the stage - it was pretty cool. He announced that there were 7000 people there including the mayor of Austin, who was there with his wife in the first row. He also called out a 10 year old boy who was there with his mom a few rows back from the stage. Bublé went down there into the audience to take a photo with him. Of course all the women swarmed him after the photo was taken and Bublé was trying to get back on stage. He said someone grabbed his butt! LOL He also did sing his version of a few country songs like "All My Ex's Live in Texas". It was pretty funny!

Bublé did all his famous songs including "Home". When he sang this one there was a slideshow of places in Austin.

He sang, "Everything" and sounded so good!

Stephen said he didn't know that Bublé was that funny. He had a great sense of humor - really cracked all the men up that were drug there by their women! Bublé was very intimate with the crowd and after he did a 2 song encore he thanked all of us for coming. Saying his family that he comes from is a hard working middle class family - and he understands how expensive these tickets are, on top of going out to dinner, paying for parking, etc. that he really appreciated our support as his fans and that he'll definitely be back in Austin again - can't wait to see him again in concert!

To my dearest husband Stephen..."And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times - It's you, it's you, You make me sing. You're every line, you're every word, you're everything. - Michael Bublé".

P.S. And THANK YOU to our mom, for babysitting the kids so we could have this date night out - we LOVE YOU!


Ariel said...

That sounded like it was FANTASTIC! and a whole lot of fun1 i am glad you guys got to go. and thnx for posting the clips and videos.
lots of love

Sarah said...

Hi Melissa,

I commented on your blog awhile ago, but I thought I'd leave you another message.

My boyfriend and I are scheduled to see Michael Buble in April when he'll be in Buffalo.

I absolutely love him and have all of cd's. I am so excited and can't wait to go. Hearing your review just makes me look forward to it all the more!

In fact, I joke with my boyfriend that the only person I would ever leave him for is Michael!! So I think he's a bit apprehensive that he'll come home fromt he concert without me! haha

Thanks for sharing all those pics...I can't wait!

PS - I hope you don't mind that I've become a fan of your blog.

Windy said...

Looks like it was alot of fun! So glad you guys still have that spark even after all these years! HA HA!

andria said...

Your night out sounds like it was great! Glad you were able to have a night out alone, always needed when you have a crazy life with kids. :)

Robyn said...

It sounds amazing!! I am so glad you got to go! Got to love those date nights!! :-)