Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Post

Well I am happy to say I just finished my online training with West and am now a skilled agent and able to take calls for Direct Response. Basically I will be taking phone orders for all those things you see on TV, such as Cd's, exercise equipment, cleaning supplies, etc. Should be interesting seeing what kind of orders I will be taking. I could start taking calls tomorrow, but during my final phone webinar call they tested my phone and since I have the caller id and call waiting features, they have blocked me from taking calls until I have those removed and have a bare line. By law I am not allowed to have them, it's for customer privacy issues. So I called Time Warner last night and was able to get those features off of our phone line but it will take up to 5 business days. So I guess I can't start work until this coming weekend!

Always have to include some cute recent pics of the kids in my posts. :-)

Stephen had a "Guys Night Out" this weekend. He went with Bill, our neighbor, and Ben, their oldest son, to a Longhorns Basketball Game at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin on Saturday night.

Stephen wanted to try and get a nice car from work to go to the game in. He came home in this Lincoln MX...something or another. It was really nice, especially the inside. I just thought it was funny they would be rolling in such a "manly color car"...powder blue. :-)

I like the edging on the leather seats.

And the double sunroofs are pretty cool too!

Stephen took these pics with his camera phone. Here are Bill and Ben.

And this pic was from their seats. The Longhorns won, I think by 6 or 9 points! They had a fun night!


Jimmena said...

We had an AWESOME time! You should have put in your blog about us going to Iron Works BBQ and Stephen getting BBQ sauce on his hoody. Very funny. Excellent food. And the Longhorns won by 2!! Very close game.

Spence Family said...

Man Matt would be jealous of bous night. He likes those longhorns too! Sweet ride for sure! Ohh and I saw one of those cars you said you wanted to take to the Michael Buble concert... what was it.. I cant remember but it was sweet looking for sure! You must takes pics of that adventure.