Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mega Lights '07 & Santa's Workshop

A lot of you have been asking to see pics of the house. Well here it is tonight. Stephen's still not done, especially after going to Santa's Workshop tonight and gaining more inspiration...sigh. He wants to add green netting light above the garage door to the roof line. He also wants to line the driveway and front grass with some sort of lighting. I swear my Mega Lights man has turned into Clark Griswold!
Tonight we went out with the Wright family (our friends and neighbors next door). We had some grub and then headed over to Santa's Workshop with them in San Marcos. Really cool drive through set up with over a million Christmas lights! Madeline thought it was "too cool" in her own words. The slide show is below...

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Anonymous said...

Your house reminds me of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Haha.
Steve is Clark "Sparky" Griswald!!!!! It's awesome!

Love and Kisses,