Friday, December 7, 2007

Have a good weekend everyone!

Just wanted to post that we hope everyone has a nice weekend! December is going by way too fast!

We did get our Christmas tree yesterday. Originally we wanted to go to a traditional tree farm and cut down our tree (yes they do grow Christmas trees here in TX too!), but after pricing it out we figured why not save some money and just get our tree at HEB Plus. So that's where we went. Got an 8' Douglas Fir for $32! Not bad. Fortunately Stephen brought home a truck from work so we didn't have to worry about getting our cars dirty.
So here she is! We had fun decorating last night. Madeline was all into it - and as you can see on the lower half of the tree where all the clumped together ornaments are was personally placed by her! :-) James just loved tasting any ornament he could get his hands on! LOL


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n&k spence said...

I love the picture of James. Amazing eye lashes.

uncle steve said...

James is definitely ready for some Texas football. He looks focused.