Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day Photos & Job Offer!

We hope all of our loved ones had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and got LOTS of turkey to eat! We had a great time with all of our friends. The weather dropped into the 50's (I believe it was in the low 80's earlier this week), so it definitely felt like Fall weather! Reminded us of the coldness in Oregon. Stephen spent about 4 hours hanging Christmas lights on the front of our house. The kids played ball in the culdesac out front. In the evening the house was warm and cozy filled with the playful sounds of our kids. It was a fun gathering! I guess I was having too much fun as I forgot to take photos. There was a few quick shots of the evening...

"You mean we still need to pluck the feathers off the turkeys!?"

"No wait, that's just silly Mia and Madeline!"

The kids eat first, from the bottom right clockwise - Chantal, Quinten, Abraham, Derrick Jr., Talani and Gabriel.

Kayla checking out Madeline.

James enjoying his turkey and stuffing!

Sean, Chandra and their daughter, Kayla.

Bill, Jimmena and Sean - focusing on answering our "Would You Rather...?" question.

Alana and me, laughing at something Stephen said.

Sean, Kayla and Chandra again.

James, cleaned up and warm in his jammies after dinner!

Oh and if any of you wanted to answer our Thanksgiving Day "Would You Rather...?" questions, here they are:

1. Live forever as a 13 year old – OR – a 65 year old?
2. Have a refrigerator that constantly stocked itself with your favorite food and drink – OR – a car that never broke down or ran out of gas?
3. Wear coke-bottle glasses forever – OR – braces forever?
4. Get 2 weeks paid vacation each year – OR – get 6 weeks paid vacation per year but not be allowed to travel anywhere?
5. For a year, have to eat all your food without utensils, using only your mouth – OR – for a year, have to drink all liquids using only your cupped hands?
6. As a man, lose your girlfriend’s pet – OR – her diamond ring?
7. Be transported back to an unknown time – OR – forward to an unknown time?
8. Date someone who talks loudly – OR – someone who look like he/she is constantly starring?
9. Get a glimpse, while still living, of heaven – OR – hell?
10. Have everything you eat taste sweet – OR – everything you eat taste salty?
11. Inherit $100,000 – OR – inherit the key to and the contents of one random safety deposit box at a Swiss Bank?
12. Forget everyone else’s name all the time – OR – have everyone forget your name all the time?
13. Be one of five survivors on earth – OR – the only earthling on another inhabited planet?
14. Only be able to say things that were recognizable quotes from movies and songs – OR – have to use pig Latin forever?
15. Run barefoot in the snow, for 15 minutes – OR – stick your tongue to a frozen flagpole?
16. Land a commuter plane on a 2,000 foot runway (you need 3,000 feet to land safely) and have no emergency services available – OR – land on a 1,500 foot runway with fire trucks, ambulances, and foam machines present?
17. To save yourself from death, have to name 40 U.S. capital cities – OR – 25 U.S. Presidents?
18. Go to a party with a terrible haircut – OR – extremely out-of-fashion clothes?

19. Be forced to watch “The Sound of Music” continuously for 48 hours – OR – drive cross-country with Barry Manilow singing on the radio the whole time?

On another thankful note, I received a job offer from West At Home a customer service company that allows their agents to work from home. I think I applied with them about a month ago, did a phone interview...I guess these hiring processes take forever! Anyways it will be a great opportunity because I can make my own hours (work when James naps, or after the kids go to bed at night). And I'll be earning about what I would've started at in that firm downtown minus the commute, gas and parking. (By the way, still never heard back from that firm since my interview last week, I did send them a follow up letter on Tuesday but their office may be closed this week for the holidays). So I accepted the job offer with West At Home, and I am currently filling out all the needed forms, criminal background check, tax stuff, etc. So I'll keep everyone posted how this works out. I've been praying to the Lord daily really asking Him to help me find some sort of part time work to bring in a little extra cash every month. Once again He has answered my prayers.

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n&k spence said...

Congratulations on the job. That is great! I'd love to have something to do too to help contribute. Seems like Tanner keeps me too busy though.