Wednesday, November 7, 2007

James took 2 STEPS!

So James has gotten pretty good walking pushing his walker. I'll even say, "James, where is your walker?" And he'll look around the room, find it, crawl over, stand and start pushing it! :-)

Well last night he was standing up against the coffee table like he normally does, eating his snacks and drinking his sippy. Well he was holding his sippy with both hands and took 2 steps over to the couch! Normally he has one hand on the table and the other on the couch to go back and fourth but this time he was distracted. YAY FOR JAMES!!!! I know it's a bit premature to be hooping and hollering, but I'm a proud mama! :-) I'm sure it'll still be weeks maybe even a month or two until he starts walking on his own, but I think definitely by Christmas.

Stephen called me right after James took his steps, he was staying over night in San Antonio for a Hertz meeting. He was SO sad he missed his boy's first steps. :-(

Today the kids and I went over to HEB Plus (our local grocery store) and they had these huge Christmas wreath's displayed on the building, and all these smaller ones on every store front in the center. When Madeline got out of the car she said, "Look Mommy, they have decorations for Christmas!!! That means my birthday is soon and they put these up so everyone knows my birthday is soon!!!". We have such a SMART 'almost 4-year old'. :-)

Well I'm not having very good luck finding freelance work to do from home. I've emailed my resumes to tons of people, most of them you don't even hear back from. Sigh. So just a friendly reminder, please visit my sewing blog: every day or chance you get and click on those Google Ads so I earn money for my AdSense account. Thanks!

I did just send my resume to an Architecture Firm right in downtown Austin looking for an office assistant and offering a flexible schedule. This would work perfectly if I can go in for a few hours in the morning while Stephen is home with the kids. I know I'm over qualified for the job with my experience, but that's okay. It would be non-stressful work and descent, consistent pay. So I'm praying I hear back from them soon. If you could say a lil prayer for me too, I would greatly appreciate it!

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