Thursday, November 15, 2007

Camping Indoors Anyone?

I think Stephen wants to win "The Coolest Daddy" on our block medal. Today on his day off he said he wanted to set up our camping tent in our living room. "You want to what!?" He said when he was little he used to always build forts with his mom using the dining room chairs, blankets and sheets. He figured Madeline and her friends would love to play in it! So I helped him set it up. I don't think he remembered how big of a tent we had.

It takes up our entire front living room. I said as long as it's down for Thanksgiving next week, we're hosting for our neighbor friends, it's fine with me.

James checking things out.

This is pretty cool!

We set up our sleeping bags and the kid's TV in there. Here they are watching their new DVD "Mickey Saves Santa".

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