Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Very COOL gift!

Stephen just got a belated birthday gift from Mark and Laura. It's belated because Mark was in Europe during Stephen's birthday and that's where he picked all of them up from. Mark went to 13 countries in 13 days. He got Stephen a very cool collection in almost every country he went to!

Budapest, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Prague and England. Thanks you guys, Stephen loves them!

And just adding a photo of Madeline & Mia today, dressing more like Fall but still eating otter pops like it's summer! ;-)


Jimmena said...

HA! That's funny. I call them Otter pops too! Even though they are "Flav-O-Ice" and the kids call them popsicles.

Spence Family said...

That is so cool I want to go to Europe so badly! Maybe in a couple years....ANd You guys can be our tour guides~! :)