Friday, October 19, 2007

A Rough Week for James

Our lil guy has had a pretty rough week. On Tuesday he had his 1 year well checkup, you can check out his webpage for his new stats and how the visit went at: At this visit he had 6 shots! Poor guy.

Here he is that evening after his doctors visit. You can see the band aid on his thigh from where he got his shots. But from his facial expression you can tell they didn't phase him all too much.

The next day we headed over to the new Super Target that opened in South Austin. We ate lunch close by at Mama Fu's. The infamous restaurant/park area where Madeline hit her tooth back in August. Well something is up with that place because while waiting for lunch James was sitting happily in the highchair at the end of the table when he decided to rock his head back and fourth and hit his mouth/front tooth on the granite table! Ouch! It started bleeding just like Madeline's. Sigh. But thankfully it stopped pretty quickly and he calmed down fast. The tooth seems to be fine, hopefully it won't bruise like Madeline's did.

So here are some pics of the kids in the park after lunch. I love this one of Madeline.

And here's James waving hi to Daddy, this was about 30 minutes after he bumped his tooth.

The next day James was taking a bath. Stephen and I were both sitting in the bathroom talking and watching him. Madeline came in and needed some help opening something. Stephen couldn't get it so I was helping her, and in a split second James stood up in the tub, put his leg over the edge and fell out! Ouch. He went head first, I tried grabbing him by his arm but he was too slippery and he busted his lip open on the bathroom floor. Poor guy.

Here he is sitting with me in the bathroom after I calmed him down. You can see he lip started to swell. And in the pic below, about 20 minutes later it really swelled up!

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n&k spence said...

That last picture is so sad. Poor kid. Rough couple of days.