Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy 100th Birthday Tante Pop

Yesterday was my Mom's Tante's 100th birthday, yup she was born in 1907!!! Tante Pop is one of the sweetest persons I know. Growing up, they didn't live too far from us only the next neighborhood over. She would come and stay with us whenever Oom Sam and Tante Eef would go out of town. I'd love to sit with her, talk and watch TV. She would always spoil me too, giving gifts of money to go buy something fun. For the past few years now though they have been living in Las Vegas. So sadly I do not get to see her that often. The last 2 times were when she came to CA for my wedding in May 2002. And in August 2004 when we went to Las Vegas and she met Madeline.

I made her a special blanket for her birthday. It has her name, birth date, birthplace and parents names on it. As well as her late husband's name, her daughters and son in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I hope she liked it. I miss her so much and wish I was able to be there to celebrate with her.

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Gledwood said...

Birthday Greetings to Momma Tante!