Sunday, October 7, 2007

Belated Wishes & Finally Teeth!

I had to post a belated "shout out" to my brother in-law, BD. Bryce's birthday was on October 2nd and I forgot to post Happy Birthday! Here's a great photo I got of him and Aunt Stormy this summer. And ladies, he's single. ;-)

"What happened to our mellow guy?" is what Stephen and I have been asking ourselves these past few weeks. Well unlike most average babies James didn't sprout his first tooth until the month of his first birthday! Most babies start getting their teeth from 4-7 months. I guess God was looking out for me this entire year while nursing him! ;-) So far he's cut 6 teeth since mid September with a 7th one breaking through right now. Poor guy is in a lot of pain. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are our best friends, not to mention popping Hyland's teething tablets. James hasn't been sleeping too well. Starting to throw tantrums on the floor, I think it's his way of saying, "hey, I'm in pain here!".

It is very strange to see him smile and grin now with these toothers!

No more gummy grins, look at my 2 front teeth!

James absolute favorite thing to do is play ball! Doesn't matter the size of the ball, but he can be content playing with one for a good 5-10 minutes. And for his age, that's a long time span. He'll push or bounce one around the kitchen floors and chase after it. Tonight a bouncy ball rolled on the side of the fridge, he immediately came over and started pouting. It's amazing how he can communicate now. And tonight after his bath he figured out his basketball hoop and that is where the balls are supposed to go through. We're so proud of our lil man. Tomorrow he has an appointment for his 1st year portraits and JCP studios. And on Tuesday, Stephen's day off we plan to take the kids to a pumpkin patch. So be sure to check back with my blog later this week for pictures!


Spence Family said...

woah! I am behind on my spence ohana blog reading! So much i missed! Sounds like you have been a busy family. James is adorable with his little teeth, although I am sorry they are coming in all at once that must be painful for everyone. Sounds like your dad is a lot like mine, when he comes into town all you have to do is mention that you need something fixed and its done before you know it! Good luck on the house hunting situation- We'll pray for you :)

uncle steve said...

Melissa, you need to pick up some Nums-It for James' gums. It deadens it so he can sleep. It's great stuff.