Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend and more cars...

Our first Labor Day weekend in Austin, TX was pretty mellow. This weekend kicked off college football. The Fighting Irish lost terribly, I TIVO'd the game for Stephen but after he heard the score on the radio he knew it would be too pitiful to watch. On another note we saw in the paper they had finished the Longhorn's stadium remodel downtown and over 80,000 fans attended Saturdays game. Amazing!

A few months ago I bought this really cool calendar that shows all the events and places to go see each month in Austin. Well we were bummed because the other week we missed the Hot Sauce Festival downtown - cost 2 donated canned goods to get in and all the salsa you could eat! Stephen was bummed we missed that one. And this weekend was the annual Bat Fest 2007 at Congress bridge. For those of you that don't know the Congress Avenue Bridge spans Town Lake in downtown Austin and is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. The colony is estimated at 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats. Each night from mid-March to November, the bats emerge from under the bridge at dusk to blanket the sky as they head out to forage for food. This event has become one of the most spectacular and unusual tourist attractions in Texas. Unfortunately Stephen had to work all weekend, so we missed it. But my brother and his wife will be out this coming weekend and staying at the Hyatt for a few days during David's conference meetings there. And the Hyatt faces Congress bridge. So hopefully we'll be able to catch a sight when the bats take to flight one evening.

So Stephen is on his 3rd company car. They have to switch out their cars every couple of days. His 2nd one was a Mazda 5, pretty cool car. Seats 6. Sort of reminded us of the car we rented in Europe a few years back. Anyways, the following day at work Stephen got hassled by the other managers for picking out such a "sissy" car. So needless to say he only kept that one for 1 day! LOL

Next...and Manly Man car. A Dodge Charger!

This is a fun car to drive in. I drove it to the grocery store. Really gets up and goes! And I love the body style, sort of that old fashion "gangsta" style with the slim windows. Very cool. Stephen plans to keep this one over his next 2 days off!

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Spence Family said...

Woah Bats? Umm I had a bad expirience with a bat once. I think I would skip that event. Sounds cool though... Pictures would be better for me then being there :)