Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gazing and Singing

It is such a trip to see James standing up all the time. He's getting really good on pulling up on stuff to stand. He likes to go in our front living room and peer out the front window since it is so low. I caught a cute photo of Madeline and James gazing out the window...
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Madeline was actually serenading James. She's SO into the Princess phase right now. So she loves to twirl around in her dress and dance and sing like a princess. Here is a video clip of one of her made up songs. It's funny cause about half way through she pauses mid song to inform me James is touching the blinds! LOL Check it out here:


Anonymous said...

Madeline, MY Princess that was GREAT, You truly are a Princess.
Love and Misses, Nana

Tyler and Ally Bigler said...

They are so cute! Madeline is all girl...I love it! So is my Tylee. It is so good to keep up with you guys and see whats going on. It was so good visiting with you in May. Hopefully we can do it again soon :) Love ya guys.
-Ally Bigler