Friday, August 24, 2007

End of the Summer

For most kids here in Texas this is the last weekend of summer before school starts next Monday. We had a fun end of the summer day today so I wanted to share a few photos. We took Madeline to get her haircut. It had been a year since her last one. They took off about 2" in the back so her hair is almost all one length. After that we went to the pool. It's the last day it's open this summer. The weather was perfect and the water felt great. When we came home we took our showers and then hung out in the front room. Hope you enjoy the pics! Oh and excuse the towel on my head and the no makeup!
Also here is a video of James crawling, he's getting really good!

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n&k spence said...

James has amazing eye lashes! Why do little boys have such beautiful eyelashes? They don't even care about them, while we women covet them.