Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Stephen decided to set up the slip'n'slide for the kids this evening...yes in the evening it was close to 7pm. It stays pretty warm and light out here in Texas until about 9pm or so. Madeline and James had fun in the water!

Always a smiley boy!

Madeline is like me and HATES to get water in her eyes (note: the gogles while on the slip'n'slide! LOL). Still to this day I hate getting water in them...ask my parents, while growing up and out swimming I was constantly wiping the water out of my eyes!
The last time Madeline went on her slip'n'slide was 2 summers ago in Oregon. Here she was with William and Elias (we miss you guys! and HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY TODAY ELI!)...gosh she looks so little and like a baby in this pic!

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